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‘The Tree’ by Torgny Lindgren (translated from Swedish) with Erika Sigvardsdotter, Asymptote Journal, April 2011 issue (also find an author biography here).

A review of Hell and Schönle’s edited book Ruins of Modernity for Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 29(2) pages 378-380.

A review of American Visual Culture by Mark Rawlinson for Cultural Geographies Volume 18(1): 137-139.

A review of American Visual Culture by Mark Rawlinson for Cultural Geographies Volume 18(1): 137-139.

An article in Progress in Human Geography on video as research method:

An article in Geography Compass about urban exploration (please see the documentaries page for the film that goes with it):

A review of Susan Sessions Rugh’s Are We There Yet The Golden Age of American Family Vacations:

An article in Archaeologies, The Journal of the World Archaeology Congress:

A review of Tim Edensor’s book Industrial Ruins: Space Aesthetics and Materiality:

An article in the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology bulletin:

A review of Rodney Harrison’s Shared Landscapes Archaeologies of Attachment and the Pastoral Industry in New South Wales:

I also have a small section in Claire Smith and Heather Burke’s book Digging it up Down Under. Unfortunately, I do not have a PDF of this.

Here are some newsletter, magazine and popular publications:

Here is a link to my M.A. Thesis titled History Submerged: A Legacy of Modernity (though I think it is an old version with some typos) and an abstract of it in Australian Archaeology:

Finally, some stuff online:

Bureau of Land Management Article on my work for the US government in Northern California

ArcNews article on the BLM cultural database

An article on the strange life of an archaeologist on

Finally, an article by my friend and colleague Adam Fish in Flow with my response 😉