Participation is everything.

Other urban exploration sites

Urban Explorer Resource (UER) – the world’s largest forum.

28 Days Later – a UK urban exploration forum.

Talk UrbEx – the one stop shop for good (and bad) HDR photography.

Tender is the Night – hottest thang on the scene.

Max Action’s Action Squad Minneapolis.

Our friends at the Brescia Underground.

Jon Doe’s Sub-urban.

Vanishing Day’s new site.

Rookinella’s site Pretty Vacant.

Yaz at prourbex.

Sleepy City – Cream of the crop.

Andrew Brooks – A photographer who got dragged into the underworld to take exploration photos. The result is incredible.

Cane Hill Hospital – A website dedicated to the memory of Cane Hill Metal Asylum.

The excellent photo blog Edge City by Urbanity.

The Winchester rocks it.

Gareth-James’ awe-inspiring photography.


Other Stuff

Geoff Manaugh’s BLDG BLOG

Tom C-K’s luscious beats

Greg Brick’s Subterranean Twin Cities

Tim Cresswell’s blog Varve.

Stuart Elden’s Progressive Geographies.

Noel Jenkins’ Juicy Geography.

Joseph Navard’s Viola Tricolor Hortensis.

Anja Kanngieser’s Transversal Geographies.

July Angel on parkour.

Justin Pickard’s Nostalgia for the Future is stunningly brilliant.

Michael Gallagher has a great webspace built around his work on experimental sound geographies.

Oli Mould‘s excellent blog on urbanism.

Erika Sigvadsdotter‘s blog full of bodies.

Geographies of the Absolute.

Dylan Trigg‘s Blog that works around issues of space, architecture and phenomenology.

Critical Terrain – thoughts about images, object, environments.

Toby Butler’s two great sites for Ports of Call and the Memoryscape project.

The Geography Collective by Daniel Raven-Ellison.

Art in Place and the Place of Art.

Sound Colour Vibration is a fantastic blog from my home town, Riverside, California.

Colleen Morgan’s always-excellent Middle Savagery.