History is a social form of knowledge; the work, in any given instance of a thousand different hands. -Raphael Samuel

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As many Place Hacking readers will know, I have been doing doctoral research on urban exploration for the past three years. With my PhD coming to a close soon, it seems like everything is coming full circle.

I am proud to announce the release of my new article in the journal Environment and Planning D: Society and Space. Stuart Elden, the editor of the journal, has been very supportive of my work and has agreed to leave the article open access for one month so everyone outside the Ivory Tower can read it. And I hope you will. This article was two years in the making and attempts to address one of the most significant aspects of urban exploration – our engagements with history through the practice.

The Society and Space journal has donated a fair number of its pages this year to urban exploration. In June, they published a piece by Luke Bennett on ‘Bunkerology‘ which Professor Elden has also made open access for the next thirty days. I then wrote a response to Bennett’s paper and he replied. These debates are worth reading in the context of my new paper, as they tell very different stories, ostensibly about the same practice.

The last thing I will mention is that if you head back to my Hobohemia Video Triptych post from July, you will find the video footage from the excursions discussed in the Society and Space paper.


On a final note, thank you again to everyone I have explored with in the past few years. This paper is of course in many ways co-authored with you all and would not have been possible without your enthusiasm, support and friendship. As always, I am honoured to be the scribe for the tribe.


8 Responses to “Assaying History”

  1. Daylighting Says:

    This is some fine stuff. I appreciate the nod towards non/post academics whose Jstor access has sadly passed.

  2. hautepop Says:

    Congratulations on your newly improved impact score – may it stand you in good stead in the next few months!

    (More seriously, nice one on the article & the open access. Though readers of a blog called Place Hacking should no doubt also have tactics to get over, past or round structural barriers imposed by JSTOR…)

  3. shotgunmario Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Winter has arrived, and that means only one thing…

    Mouser Week XIII.

    January 28th-Feb 5th, 2012.
    Hard Times Cafe, 8 pm.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Ground Zero of the Fresh.

    The Pregame begins night of the 27th.
    Our after party lasts the rest of 2012.

    We hope you'll be able to join us.

  4. US Military Infiltration: The Boneyard | Place Hacking Says:

    […] clearly a traumatic experience. In Paris, we party in mass human graves. And of course, the whole dereliction fetish component of urban exploration is really just an obsession with decay, death, waste and transition. […]

  5. Sophia Phillips Says:

    That was indeed a wonderful article. Gives readers a real insight on the idea of urban exploration.