Sewers enjoy a special place in the pantheon of urban mythology.

-Matthew Gandy

Photo by Otter at Silent UK

The first big event of 2011 already went down. Literally. This year’s International Drain Meet (IDM) was hosted by London, organized by Otter at Silent UK. It was the largest meeting of the international draining community in London’s history with over 50 people from 6 countries in a large overflow chamber under Knightsbridge. We had drainers from the UK, Sweden, Italy, France, USA and Australia, including the UE Kingz, Brescia Underground and the Cave Clan. We also had a heavy contingent of the massively fun Manchester drainer contingent.

We also seem to have finally melded the two top London crews at this meet through Siologen’s powers of healing oration (see below). By the end of the night, Jon Doe, the King of UK draining, conjured himself out of thin air in the middle of the party to the delight of everyone in attendance. It was, by all accounts, one of the best gatherings in London urban explorer history. A full write up can be found on Winch’s blog.

Otter was kind enough to ask me to film the event since he was busy organizing all night. Here is my contribution – it is best viewed on full screen with the volume turned up loud enough to assault your neighbours.

As always, explore everything.


9 Responses to “2011 International Drain Meet”

  1. Otter Says:

    I feel there is some form of bazzelgettian subliminal message in that video 😀

    Was a good night, thats for sure! Role on 2012!

  2. Dr. A.I. Nor Says:

    A nice coming together and no mistake 😉

    Spot the rabbit in the headlights 😛

  3. marc Says:

    Fucking awesome video, just as great as the drain meet itself!

  4. s/// Says:

    Oh man, im so glad you edited that fuckin Siologen speech. Was so long winded in its original form.

  5. Site Says:

    best bit HAS TO BEEE…..winches stack hahahaha

  6. Winch Says:

    That was so elegantly performed, I did a repeat performance in Bunker for those that missed it.

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