Nearly two years since the start of production, I am happy to announce that my video article Urban Explorers, Quests for Myth, Mystery and Meaning has just been released in the journal Geography Compass (Volume 4, Issue 10, pages 1448–1461, October 2010). Below is the video article followed by an annotated script and short piece written to support the film. I welcome any feedback you might have on either.


3 Responses to “Urban Explorers Video Article”

  1. Marcia Kulpa Says:

    I found this article and presentation very enlightening and helped me to better understand what Urban exploration is about. Well done !!

  2. Place Hacking » Blog Archive » 2010 in Retrospect Says:

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  3. Charlie Says:

    As a third year urban geography student I found that the use of film in this instance allows for the viewer to connect with visual connotations of urban exploration in a more accessible, contemporary way. The use of film is one i believe should be used far more often in education as it allows the ever increasingly media-exposed student to use their already-developed skill of moving image and audio interpretation, developed during childhood and arguably to an increasingly high degree. This not only allows the student to perceive the lecturers argument more accurately, but also allows for a more intense and user-based interpretation of image and sound. Well done, would like to see more. Oh and the use of references is brilliant.