London’s Olympic Waterscape Exhibit

Posted by Bradley L. Garrett on Monday Jun 7, 2010 Under Cultural Geography, Film, Uncategorized

Last night we put on an exhibit at Royal Holloway, University of London as part of the Creative Campus Initiative linked to the London 2012 Olympics. The exhibit, run by Alison Hess, Ellie Miles, terri moreau, Michael Anton, Amy Cutler and myself was a huge success with far more visitors than we ever could have anticipated! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and to the rest of the team for putting on an amazing show!

The exhibit was broken into 3 parts. In the first, we displayed 10 photographs from Mike Seaborne, a photographer at the Museum of London, depicting the Olympic Waterscapes prior to construction of the stadium site. Opposite these, we displayed a number of photographs from our own journeys (undertaken as a geographic triathlon) up, down and around these waterscapes documenting the changes taking place there.

Finally, we made a 20 minute film about the past, present and future of these olympic waterscapes which I am proud to present for the first time here!

Here are some pictures from the exhibit. All photographs are by Danny Pack.


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  1. terri moreau Says:

    Please don't forget to go to our website and have a poke around.

  2. Bradley Garrett Says:

    I might also add that if you are interested in London's Waterscapes, it is worth visiting Toby Butler's two great sites for Ports of Call ( and the Memoryscape project (

  3. Goblinmerchant Says:

    Great news! Our project was picked up by the British Library and now permanently resides on the Sports and Society page:

  4. Capturing Transition | Place Hacking Says:

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