Posted by Bradley L. Garrett on Wednesday Jan 13, 2010 Under Urban Exploration

A few weeks ago, our mate Downfallen checked out base jumping in the Swiss mountains. His exploits were legendary, he climbed every high building in London and beyond. He had a superhuman capacity for adventure. One of his last feats was to launch himself off of the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, setting a world record and getting arrested upon landing.

I have been dwelling on Darren’s death for days now, thinking about what makes a life worth living. As Gangstarr once sung, we do what we do for death or for glory, few of us achieve both in the same moment. Darren’s legendary status will never be lived up to but it is something to strive for. We have the ability within in all of us to achieve the unexpected, the unimaginable, we have the power within ourselves to do what we are told we cannot. I believe this is the heart of Urban Exploration.

I salute Downfallen for a life of achievement, for his humbleness in success, for his passion of experience. We can all only hope to die as he did, at his peak, in his element, unstoppable.

Peace out Darren, I did not get a chance to meet you but the Goblinmerchant bows to you.


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  2. kate39 Says:

    I have been dwelling on Darren