Urban Exploration Research

Posted by Bradley L. Garrett on Monday Nov 24, 2008 Under Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Geography, Film

Well, I have officially started pulling together my research for my first enthnographic interviews. I am trying to arrange to go film groups of urban explorers and infiltrators in London.

Unfortunately, this has been more difficult than I planned. Turns out that people who are trespassing as a hobby don’t really want to be filmed and/or interviewed. Makes life a little more difficult, but it is all good data on the practicality of doing ethnography and the difficulties of using video for research.

As of now, I am trying to post of 4 different Urban Exploration facebook groups, on a website called UER (where people were incredibly rude/incredulous/suspicious), on urbexforums and on 28 Days Later, all of which require months as a member before you are ‘trusted’ (which I guess means I have to prove I am not ‘the man’).

So much for jumping right into my research – I guess its back to reading Lefevre.


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