CHAT Conference 2008

Posted by Bradley L. Garrett on Monday Nov 17, 2008 Under Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Geography, Film

Just got back from a strange weekend at the 2008 CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) conference. Nothing about the conference was strange – it was brilliantly done actually – but I came down with a stomach virus the day before the conference and missed 2/3 of it.

Rather disappointing missing most of the conference as I have been waiting 2 years to go to one, but prospects for next year look bright.

One of the issues raised at the conference was that the website was not getting a decent google ranking. I came home and tried to verify this and actually could not find an ‘official’ CHAT website. If anyone knows where it lives, can you send me a link?


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  1. Bradley Garrett Says:

    Found it!